Twyla Exner & Joe Hambleton

June 23 - August 31

Closing Reception Friday August 31st, 6:30-8:30 at Arnica.

Arnica Artist-Run Centre is pleased to present the exhibitions Mixed Signals by Twyla Exner and The Middle by Joe Hambleton.

These two artists explore the use of technology to differing ends; Exner combines tech with biology to create beautiful hybrids, while Hambleton uses computer programming to create a animated journey to nowhere.


The works in Twyla Exner’s Mixed Signals propose hybrids of technological structures and living organisms. They take form as abandoned technologies that have sprouted new life, that imitate nature, or biotechnological fixtures of the not-to-distant future. Belonging to a generation that witnessed the rapid evolution of technological advancement; groomed to embrace it yet able to recall life before, Exner is both fascinated and repelled by technology and its increasingly invasive role in our lives.

Twyla Exner is a BC based artist and educator. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the University of Regina (SK) and a Master of Fine Arts degree in studio arts from Concordia University (QC). Her artworks havebeen exhibited across Canada from Annapolis Royal, NS to Campbell River, BC to Dawson City, YT.


Working predominantly in 3D animation, Hambleton examines a Sisyphean relationship to a video game format of imagined advancement from one level to the next only to be thwarted at every turn. Visually saturated and complex environments seduce the participant into a journey to nowhere. In tongue-in-cheek fashion he states, “Stuck in the present, unable to let go of the past, afraid of the future. I struggle to find these words, the lack of progression in my life fills my mind. I believe I have plateaued. What once seemed achievable now seems out of reach. Each small advancement progressively takes more out of me. It makes me question whether I have the energy to make it to the end. I miss being oblivious.”

Joe Hambleton is a Canadian artist currently living in Toronto. His work has been shown internationally. He is a graduate of the University of Windsor and York University where he received his MFA in Visual Arts. He is currently teaching Digital Media and Art at York University, Centennial College and Toronto School of Art.

Arnica gratefully acknowledges the funding support of the Province of BC, BC Arts Council, Kamloops Arts Commission, the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario,  the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.