Suzo Hickey: Rain in the Forecast & Tara Nicholson: Somewhere Beyond Nowhere


Opening Friday, January 9th, Arnica Artist Run Centre was pleased to present two exhibitions: Rain in the Forecast by Vancouver artist, Suzo Hickey, and Somewhere Beyond Nowhere by Victoria based artist, Tara Nicholson. Hickey’s paintings of urban landscapes layer studies of light, weather, colour, and line, while Nicholson’s photographs evoke idealized retreat spaces such as secret hideouts, hidden swimming holes, and views from isolated communities. Together, they give viewers a vividly detailed rendition of everyday urban living and a glimpse at desolate scenes that fuel common utopian desires for escape.

Suzo Hickey is a painter and multidisciplinary artist living in Vancouver, BC. Born in 1959, she migrated from coast (Prince Rupert) to desert (Kamloops) before settling in Vancouver in 1990. She graduated from Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1994, and has exhibited around BC and internationally on themes of queer mothering, urban landscapes, name-calling, narrative and death in the family.

Tara Nicholson completed her Master of Fine Arts at Concordia University in 2010. Using photography and video to investigate remote and disputed territories, the notion of modern-day pilgrimage has been repeated throughout her large-scale projects for the past four years to invite reflection on the desire to escape modernity. Nicholson has exhibited and attended residencies internationally and since 2010 has taught part -time at the University of Victoria.

Suzo Hickey & Tara Nicholson Publication