Aimée Henny Brown & Roberto Santaguida

September 29 - November 4

Arnica Artist-Run Centre is pleased to present the exhibitions: Futur Simple by Aimée Henny Brown and Melodies for Solo Voices by Roberto Santaguida. Common to these exhibitions are complex acts of fragmentation and reorganization.


Aimée Henny Brown: Artist Talk at TRU

The series of collages and books, Futur Simple, is the work of Aimée Henny Brown, a Vancouver-based artist who describes her practice as interdisciplinary and project-based. She obtained her Masters of Fine Arts in Fine and Media Arts (MFA) at NSCAD University before moving back to the west coast. Brown’s collages are assembled from an eclectic mix of print material from the sixties and seventies which she gathers into cohesive-yet-otherworldly composite structures that invoke the spirit of old survival guides, spectacular surreal environments, and resilient or dynamic architecture. By borrowing print material from decades past, Brown constructs and recalls possible futures in a radically shifting environment.


Roberto Santaguida, the creator of the film installation Melodies for Solo Voices, is a documentary filmmaker, who employs an avant-garde filmmaking practice that experiments with the space of the gallery. Reflecting a transitional and highly experimental period in the artist’s work, Melodies for Solo Voices is a multi-perspective documentary that follows a group of professional singers as they individually prepare for a multilingual performance of Der Turm zu Babel. There is no conventional plot structure; instead, the film leads in and out of the personal lives of the performers. In doing so, the film becomes an alternative kind of group portrait, one that shifts between the solitary focus of the individual rehearsals and orchestration of those solo voices through the filmic structure itself. Santaguida has an MFA from NSCAD University and currently works in Berlin.

Futur Simple and Melodies for Solo Voices will be at Arnica Artist-Run Centre from September 29th - November 4.

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