Past Exhibitions

The One & Collective Isolation

Xiao Han & Kelsie Balehowsky

October Revolution

The Kamloops Printmakers


Kelsey Braun

Sqlelten7úw’i – Red Salmon – Sockeye: Reconsidering the Adams River Run

Eileen Leier

Northern Contemporary

Aidan Cartwright, Davis Heslep, Janna Graham, Margaret Nazon, Curated by Casey Koyczan


Matthew Tremblay


Ben Williamson

Light It Up!

Arcadian Traffic & The Wordless Book

Alan Brandoli & Allen Ball

Inland Empires & Engins Patients

Mike Marcon & Anne-François Jacques

Casey Koyczan Residency

Artificial Populace

Office of Surrealist Investigations

Nathalie Quagliotto: Stuck

Behind, In Front, Beside