October Revolution

October Revolution, opened on Friday October 28th, showcased work of members of the Kamloops PrintMakers Collective, the event anticipated the 100 year anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution. In October Revolution the Kamloops Printmakers use vintage technology to produce images with contemporary content by mixing propaganda posters and iconic images of fists, sickles, and heroic workers with social concerns of today.

In the early twentieth century, posters of propaganda and protest became rallying cries for political change, liberty and the rise of labour unions. Suffrage and gender equality issues mixed with arts and cultural events. Designed with simple compositions and bold colours that incorporated modernist collage techniques, posters and leaflets were the social network transmitting political messages before the digital age. Though we live in different times, the struggles for human rights and tolerance, animal and environmental protection continue and artists are well equipped to use their talents for activism around these causes. Working with similar methods and technologies as artist-printers in the past, the Kamloops Printmakers contemporized the ‘protest’ image by referencing current initiatives and social movements. 

October Revolution opened October 28 in conjunction with Fragmentation, Winnipeg artist Kelsey Braun’s installation at Padlock Studios. Fragmentation, co-sponsored by Arnica Artist-Run Centre, runs each evening after dark from Oct 28 to Nov 05 as part of Kamloops Art Gallery’s Luminosity 2016. 

October Revolution Artist Talks