Memoir on the Wall – Wendy Weseen

Arnica Artist Run Centre was pleased to present Wendy Weseen’s, Memoir on the Wall, as a Member Spotlight exhibition. In the Vault Gallery, Marc-Andre Brzustowski’s oil paintings marked the first of three exhibitions in the annual Summer Vault Series. Together, these exhibitions reflected on histories both personal and collective.

Born in England in the last year of World War II, the strong visual components of Weseen’s assemblage works chart the major events in her life -- past, present and future. Loosely chronological, the works highlight various life stages and periods in history. In doing so, they invite viewers to engage with their own memories and to reflect upon the effects of time and change.

Graduating with distinction from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at University of Saskatchewan in 2001, Wendy Weseen received a Most Distinguished Student Award in Studio Art and the Silver Medial in Fine Art. Since graduating, her work has toured with the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils three times, with the latest exhibit, Obsolete Spaces, currently underway. Working with a range of collected materials and her trademark lightheartedness, Weseen combines interests in art historical, biblical and gender issues to thoughtfully reflect upon social and cultural concerns. Memoir on the Wall traces these interests and others as they have weaved through her own life journey.