Lyndl Hall and Sandee Moore

August 8 - September 16

Artist Talk by Sandee Moore: August 8th at 5:00
Opening Reception: August 8th at 6:30

Arnica Artist-Run Centre is pleased to present the exhibitions: Circle, Sphere, Horizon Line by Lyndl Hall and Labyrinth: Surrey Condos Edition, Featuring Vinyl Village Upgrade and Surrey Condos Edition by Sandee Moore. Through investigative practices and critical inquiry, Hall and Moore tackle what it means to be an individual navigating their lived environment. These works prove that the task of navigation is not a simple one: by orienting ourselves, exploring our surroundings, and marking destinations, we are at the same time shaped by the environment we navigate. Hall and Moore call viewers to unearth notions of navigating and defining place through sculptural, digital, and print-based works.

Circle, Sphere, Horizon Line is a collection of works by Calgary-based artist, Lyndl Hall. Hall obtained her master in applied arts: visual arts from Emily Carr University, and has developed a practice at the intersection of drawing, geometry, and geography. Hall’s most recent work evokes the mechanisms and symbols of cartographic practice. Cast sculptures of globes and arrows carry the potential for the demarcation of place, and accompanying religious iconography and videos depict sea-faring vessels that suggests a path of pilgrimage and travel, but the images are faded, the horizon carries no distinguishing landmasses, and the sculptures are isolated and blank. Hall lures viewers into ambiguous space, where they are incapable of navigation, and instead can only attend to the tools through which navigation is performed.

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-10-46-48-pmLabyrinth: Surrey Condos Edition Featuring Vinyl Village Upgrade and Surrey Condos Edition is a video game installation created by Sandee Moore, an artist from Regina who obtained her masters of fine arts in studio arts at the University of Regina. Moore’s practice seeks to shift personal relationships with others, often through interactive and performative means. In working toward this goal, Moore has developed Labyrinth: Surrey Condos Edition, a self-described “boring” video game in which the player is tasked with exploring the Surrey suburbs where Moore spent a few years of her life. The digitally recreated environment is rife with true-to-life repetition, forcing the player into an environment that robs them of impact or agency. Moore’s game contains a few secrets though: a little owl handbag and an overturned ice-cream cone offer a bit of hope in suburbian conformity. For her exhibition at Arnica, Moore has added the Vinyl Village upgrade, based on Kamloops suburbia.

Circle, Sphere, Horizon Line and Labyrinth: Surrey Condos Edition Featuring Vinyl Village Upgrade and Surrey Condos Edition will be at Arnica Artist-Run Centre from August 8th to September 16th.

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Arnica Artist-Run Centre gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance of The Province of British Columbia, City Of Kamloops Arts Commission, BC Interior Community Foundation and Hamber Foundation.