Laurel Terlesky & Teresa Ascencao

Laurel Terlesky

How does our flesh hold a memory of someone? To touch and be touched momentarily ruptures the boundary between our internal and external sense of space. 

Hallowed Winds (2015) is a participatory audio installation that offers stories about the memory of touch that ride on breath and wind, evoking the deeply felt nature of relationships. This installation stems from artist Laurel Terlesky's concern for how interpersonal communication is affected by current social screen-based technologies and draws upon her recent research efforts to explore the intersubjectivity of touch and tacit knowledge. For Terlesky, digital tools such as iPhones, FaceTime, and Facebook promote communication across distances by bringing people closer in a way, but often with limited connectivity to implicit body awareness.

Terlesky's creative practice explores body language and interpersonal communication by encouraging participants to interact with objects, sounds, and other people who are also experiencing the artwork. Thus, the audience is an essential part of Hallowed Winds. Through methods that reveal the felt experience of the body, activated by audio narratives, this project promotes a dialogue between participants and the materials.

Laurel will present an artist talk Friday, March 23 at 12:30 in room OM1494.

Teresa Ascencao

The Laundry Series utilizes clothing and my own body as its primary subjects. The works are personal struggles with clothing that expand my investigations beyond gender and sexuality, into explorations of identity as related to poverty, capitalism and “Otherness.” The Laundry Series is expressed as ritualized acts and sculptural forms through the mediums of photography and video, and first-time performance artworks.
Teresa Ascencao will be performing in the TRU Gallery,  Friday March 23 at 1:45.