José Luis Torres

April 29 - June 3

Propelled by his strong interest in the symbolic value of objects as witnesses of history and their paradoxical status as both fundamental and incidental – coupled with notions of how space is used and appropriated – the artistic practice of José Luis Torres is a visual conversation about spatial politics and the hijacking of meaning. Through actions, such as the progressive construction and deconstruction of materials found in our everyday surroundings, the artist illustrates ways in which the architectural, cultural, and social specificities of the site are intrinsically connected.

02jlt2014mutationswebTorres works in sculpture, installation, and public intervention, noting that space and place are critical to his creative process as well to the meaning of his works. Torres has inserted large-scale pieces directly into their immediate surroundings, art ingrained into the landscape or architecture. In this way the creation of autonomous works in the public sphere can act as 'indicators' of contemporary art, and the integrative-yet-ephemeral nature of installation.

Torres' work explores the construction and deconstruction of identity and socio-cultural meaning through multiple manipulations of objects and space. Subversive strategies, including the staging of pieces in ways that re-conceptualize conventional exhibition standards for artworks and disrupt the idealized image of the artist, importantly incite dialogue, challenge assumptions, and question traditional and taken-for-granted ideals.