Clement Yeh & Helena Wadsley

May 5 - June 16

Drawing On Memory by local artist Clement Yeh and Maple Maple by Vancouver artist Helena Wadsley open this Saturday at Arnica Artist-Run Centre 6:30-8:30pm. Join us for refreshments and a chance to talk to the artists about their work.

Clement Yeh’s interests follow from how people try to preserve memories of important people in their lives. Often people feel it’s a race against time to record memories and preserve them for future generations.  Although we take it for granted, personal memories make us who we are. Yeh has lined Arnica’s gallery space with paper and will continue to draw portraits of friends and members of the community from a photograph each submitted of a person important to them along with one phrase that encapsulates associated memories. This drawing installation provides a dense portrait of our community and how our community members determine meaning in relationships.  We intend to create a limited-run book of documentation from the exhibition before the artist invites the community members belonging to the photos to retrieve their portrait from the collective drawing.

Contact Arnica to get a high resolution copy of the booklet shown below.



Maple Maple by Helena Wadsley is a series of large-scale intricate charcoal drawings of maple trees inspired by research into the history of maple syrup. This research lead to the discovery that the trees lining many of Canada’s residential streets are Norwegian maples rather than the indigenous variety. The presence of these trees is analogous to the question of what it means to belong to a place, and, more poignantly, the significance of not belonging. Each life-sized tree is suspended from the ceiling as four seven-foot scrolls.  Each drawing is a view of a tree from a different direction. These free hanging portraits of trees form a small forest in the gallery space.