Get Involved

Get Involved


Become a member of Arnica by filling out the membership form. You can print the form by opening or downloading it from here. Membership forms are also available in the gallery during open hours. There is 3 ways to join. Use the PayPal link, drop by or snail mail your cash, cheque or money order made out to Arnica Artist-Run Centre. 



Members and non-members are encouraged to get involved through volunteer opportunities. Arnica has had a long and successful history of working with numerous volunteers with a board range of skills. Often these opportunities allow Arnica to act as a mentor, helping members of our community develop skills working with gallery operations.


Donations - (update) As a registered Non-Profit Society, Arnica happily accepts your donation of monetary offering, services or goods. Donations of $25.00 or more are eligible to receive a tax deduction. A Non-Profit Society is a legal entity separate from its members and directors formed for purposes other than generating a profit to be distributed to its members, directors or officers as dividends.

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