Friday, October 28th, Arnica Artist-Run Centre, in collaboration with Padlock Studios, presented the exhibition Fragmentation by Winnipeg artist Kelsey Braun. Fragmentation is a multi-channel audio and video installation that references the fluctuating nature of memory, its documentation, projection, and reception.

Fragmentation explores how perspective and identity are shaped by their environment and our experiences, and invites the audience into an immersive environment inside Padlock Studios where they can reflect upon their memory in relation to the work. Braun’s installation comes together using a combination of sound recordings from the 1980’s made by the artist and his late father as well as abstract images that are projected across the gallery space and are refracted by mirrors. This projection and refraction of imagery establishes the possibility for a multitude of narratives.

With a BFA in video from the University of Manitoba Braun investigates the relationship between identity, memory, and environment using sound and moving images. Kelsey Braun’s Installation in Padlock Studios was sponsored by Arnica Artist-Run Centre. It ran each evening 7:30 - 9:30 pm, from Oct 28 to Nov 05 as part of Kamloops Art Gallery’s Luminosity 2016.

Please contact Arnica’s Gallery Coordinator, Christine Beaton, at for more information.

Arnica Artist-Run Centre gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia and the collaboration of Padlock Studios.

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