Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo

November 10 – December 21

Arnica Artist-Run Centre is pleased to present Catastrophe, Memory, Reconciliation by Vancouver-based artist Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo. Castillo obtained his MFA from Concordia University and has exhibited in numerous shows across Canada and the United States, as well as in Berlin.

Catastrophe, Memory, Reconciliation is a collection of mixed-media drawings, stop-motion animations, and a sawdust tapestry that characterize an interdisciplinary approach to drawing to generate personal mythic narratives that explore collective memory, historical trauma, and cultural identity. Castillo draws on imagery from a multitude of sources, including pre-Colombian mythology, Salvadoran folklore, and iconography from both the past and present.

Castillo’s works often depict the human body as both a symbol and site for trauma, which invokes experiences in El Salvador during his early youth. Castillo was born and raised in El Salvador, but his family struggled with the civil war in the 80s and, as a result, they immigrated to Canada in 1989. Castillo describes the period as a time of “personal and collective experience of war and loss.”

Catastrophe, Memory, Reconciliation will be at Arnica Artist-Run Centre from November 10 to December 21.