Casey Koyczan, Artist in Residence

Casey Koyczan Residencey: Artificial Populace

Casey Koyczan, Artist in Residence

Casey Koyczan in Residence—Artificial Populace—July 17th to August 29th, 2015

 Artificial Populace features Yellowknife, NT based artist and musician Casey Koyczan creating a new body of work over the course of six weeks at Arnica Artist-Run Centre and the TRU Art Gallery. Community in the 21st Century is the theme of Koyczan’s six week residency July 17th–August 29th where he will explore installation, infrared technology, music/audio, and community research in three installations and three spaces over the six weeks. Growing up in the digital age is both an isolating and publicly engaging experience, now more than ever. Koyczan’s work explores the range of this existence.

Isolation is the first installation in the vault gallery of Arnica Artist Run Centre with an opening reception with the artist in attendance July 31 from 7–9pm. The installation explores the experience of people in seclusion even as they manifest information through the internet and media—an inward perception that struggles to escape.

The Balance is the second installation of his residency utilizing technology that enables collaborative input from the public. From July 31 to August 17 members of the public are invited to submit sound clips (30s—2m in length) to a cloud site which the artist will then infuse into the overall soundtrack for the installation.

On the opening night, August 22, 7–9pm, and over the duration of the installation, the gallery will become a living instrument where the collaborative sound segment of the interactive installation now accompanies wall projections of streaming video of people in the spaces where they create art, practice music, or engage in any other form of community involvement. People appearing in the images and video will be a collection of artists from Yellowknife, NT, and the Kamloops region, with audio playback for gallery participants through headphones or speakers. Shifts in sound and image are not only triggered by the movement of people just being in the gallery, but also modulated by the volume of people present in the gallery at any given time. Over the duration of the installation, the use of motion—tracking and programming will capture people who are present in the gallery through infrared cameras.

ekètà (returning) is the third installation of the residency and will feature subtle interactivity within the Art Gallery at Thompson Rivers University. It will incorporate interactive technology to allow people to interact with elements from nature and pre-composed audio. The opening reception for the third segment of Koyczan’s residency will be August 29 from 7–9pm.

The majority of digital programming and visualization was developed and prepared in advance in Yellowknife, NT, with local artist Davis Heslep.

Casey Koyczan - "ek'èt'à ; returning" in process