increasing the public understanding and appreciation of contemporary art

Arnica ARC transition
Arnica's Mission Statement

To educate and increase the public understanding and appreciation of contemporary art through exhibitions, mentorship, and public presentations.

Arnica's Mandate

To support and encourage experimentation, presentation and dissemination of contemporary art that engages artists and the community.

To provide a forum through special projects and a wide range of disciplines and media that fosters discussion, awareness, and understanding of contemporary art within our community.

To strongly support emerging artists within this framework.


Arnica’s board is made up of working artists, alumni, fine arts students and faculty of Thompson Rivers University and usually meets once a month.

The AGM is held in March/April. Other general membership meetings might be called if interest warrants.

Arnica operates with the financial support of the Province of BC Community Gaming Grant and project grants from the BC Arts Council, City of Kamloops, Canada Council for the Arts, business and personal donations, and several other sources. We also acknowledge the many dedicated volunteers who offer their time, expertise and ideas.

What is an Artist-Run Centre?

Artist Run Centres (ARCs) emerged in the early 1970’s in several Canadian cities.

These venues developed as a response to a lack of appropriate exhibition spaces for artists whose priorities were non-commercial, and were considered too early in their careers to exhibit in institutional or public galleries.

ARCs are not-for-profit societies and are often charitable organizations. They are typically managed by one or more staff and have a Board of Directors comprised mainly of practicing artists. Those ARCs that formed in the 1970’s have access to an operating grant from Canada Council specific to Artist Run Centres. However, this grant is finite, so ARCs that formed in the 1990’s or later survive through application to project grant after project grant.

Artist-Run Philosophy

The underlying premise of Artist-Run Centres is that artists are given creative control of their work rather than being constrained by the demands of the commercial market. Therefore, the work tends to be more experimental and diverse.

Visitors often find the work they encounter in ARCs to be outside the conventional definitions of what art can and should be.