Office of Surrealist Investigations (click here to see full version and CFJC interview)

Current, Past and Future Exhibitions

Quagliotto conceptual and sculptural practice involves reconfiguring everyday pre-fabricated popular objects associated with disuse, strict social regulations, safety, and risk. She focuses on proximity, placement and color to disrupt and alter the social significance and usage of the object...

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Get Involved!

Members and non-members are encouraged to get involved through volunteer opportunities. Arnica has had a long and successful history of working with numerous volunteers with a broad range of skills

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Membership Spotlight

A Spotlight upgraded membership is designed to further support Arnica’s artist members. In addition to the standard membership benefits, a Spotlight member will be given space on Arnica’s website to promote their own art practices.

Sponsor an Exhibition

Promote your business while promoting an artist! Sponsoring is an excellent opportunity for an organization or business to promote themselves on Arnica’s website while supporting a not-for-profit organization and arts and culture. In addition to the standard membership benefits, a sponsor membership is entitled to...

Arnica Artist Run Centre Society

Founded in 2003, Arnica Artist Run Centre Society is a not-for-profit gallery that provides a supportive environment for emerging contemporary artists. Arnica received charitable status in 2008 and is part of a Canada-wide network of artist run centres.

Arnica provides exhibition space for contemporary art that is dynamic, innovative and thoughtful. It also serves as a space for artists to research and develop new work and helps emerging artists in our city, adding to the cultural mix of Kamloops...